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Perspective Drawing
Hand drawing of exterior. The vines grow from the ground, reaching the upper floors and merging with the facade to create a built and natural building envelope.

Urban Bathhouse

On the corner of Elizabeth and Houston street on downtown Manhattan is a retreat that is both organic yet man-made, both public yet private. The activities throughout the building engage all your senses with the different stages of water.

Activities include: a cafe on the second floor, a steaming and soaking area on the third floor, and an open roof, pool, and hot springs on the top floor. With the option of also going underground to the resting area via the reflective pool ramp, giving the illusion of going down under water.

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what is biomimi?

Biomimi is the art portfolio of Priscilla M Lee. It is also, in main ways, her middle name. Biomimi is short for biomimicry, a holistic design approach inspired by nature. Nature has perfected sustainable design, by handling issues without harming the environment and contributing positively to the ecosystem. It is her strong belief that we should reference nature for our own designs, in hopes to increase appreciation for the environment and sustain life for all.


priscilla lee Priscilla Lee is a multi-faceted artist and designer. She is born in New York City and currently still resides there, where she enjoys a simple life with her loved ones and a playful pup.
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