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**Currently doing a clearance SALE!! All items are 30% off. Probably won't be making anymore tins, so get them while you can!**

Limited Edition handmade tins with my personal artwork on them! Selling only around 50 of each design. Each design takes days to draw. They are then printed and resin coated by myself with great care and attention. This is a fun hobby of mine so new products are released when time permits. Please check back occasionally!
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Tin order of release:

1- Snow White (2013) **Almost Sold Out**

2- The Galloping Carousel (2013)

3- Artemis (2013) **Sold Out**

4- The Siren (2014) **Sold Out**

5- Cinderella (2014)

6- The Swan Maiden (2015)


Other products:

- Mini Rustic Treasure Chest

- Mini White Treasure Chest (Sold Out)

- Iphone 4/4s Artemis Case (Retired)

- Iphone 4/4s Siren Case (Retired)

- Iphone 5/5s Artemis Case (Retired)

- Iphone 5/5s Siren Case (Retired)


what is biomimi?

Biomimi is the art portfolio of Priscilla M Lee. It is also, in main ways, her middle name. Biomimi is short for biomimicry, a holistic design approach inspired by nature. Nature has perfected sustainable design, by handling issues without harming the environment and contributing positively to the ecosystem. It is her strong belief that we should reference nature for our own designs, in hopes to increase appreciation for the environment and sustain life for all.


priscilla lee Priscilla Lee is multi-faceted artist and designer. She is born in New York City and currently still resides there, where she enjoys a simple life with her loved ones and a playful pup.
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